IVAN SPASSOV (1934 - 1996) is an emblematic name for bulgarian music and national culture. He is one of the innovators who expanded and enriched modern bulgarian art.
During the 60s, having the enthusiasm and bravery of his youth he discovered the way to the new music. Deeply impressed by the great opportunities of the modern composition techniques he was a firm believer that this was his way in music. In the 70s he proved his style and expression and mastered his place in the music life.The expressions of that presence are numerous - the compositions, recordings, concerts, books and interviews, the followers, who present his true nature as a composer, conductor, teacher, citizen and human being.
Ivan Spassov's music is Vocation, Destiny and Life. It reflects his aspiration to the Transcendental - Soul, Immortality, Eternity. Intuitively and unconsciously at the beginning and with the full power of his creative genius later, he strove for the infinite expression of the universal human spirit. This is reflected in the perfect world of his music - one of harmony and beauty, seemingly still and calm, but luminous in suffering and passion in essence.