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Tsanka Andreev, Romeo Smilkov

The Clavier Music of Ivan Spassov

Resignation? - No, oh no, NOT that. Anything but resignation. Our reason strains, persuades itself, 'proves" to itself p reason, they say, is cold - it weighs, estimates and comprehends. Reason? But is man just reason?... They say - Memory is an attribute of reason... memory - it is US... The time has stopped and I - remember - alone - within the immense frozen space...

© Authors: Tsanka Andreeva, Romeo Smilkov
© English translation and editing: Alia Nicolaeva
Reviewer of the Bulgarian edition: Prof. Bozhidar Abrashev, PhD.
Cover design: Alexander Petrov
Layout: Vesselina Zapryanova

Published by VESELA, Plovdiv 2009

Ivan Spassov

Blue Morning , Noon and Afternoon Road

My name is Ivan Spassov. A composer. I studied in Sofia and Warsaw with living and deceased masters. In my leisure time I conduct and teach. I like to rest whan I can. Those are the moments when I think over my new pieces... I'm at a good age and in the future (I hope so!) I will do the same things I have done before.

© Author: Ivan Spassov
© Artist: Georgi Bojilov - 1989
๑/๎ Jusautor - Sofia, 1989
MUZIKA Publishing House, Sofia, 1989

Ivan Spassov

MY LIFE - an Attempt to
Reconstruct a Scattered Mosaic

... My life - it is creation and dreams! There were no pearls, no flasks, no mosaic whatever... I love life! Perhaps it is incredibly superb on the Otherside, but aren't we all striding towards It - some peacefully, some in a hurry. Others are running... I am running as well on the back of the years, gathering the glass pearls of my life's scattered mosaic with no hope that I can arrange it at all. It will remain just the way it is - unfinished...

© Author: Ivan Spassov
© Design: Hristo Gochev
๑/๎ Jusautor - Sofia
Corrector: Svetla Proycheva
Format: 65๕92/16
Pre-print: SD "Andromeda"
Print: Polygraphia - Plovdiv

Angel Angelov

Ivan Spassov -
60 Steps Towards the Temple
From Episodes for Four Groups of Timbre to Bulgarian Passion, Liturgy and Messe

...I am tired. I get tired to follow the perfection in art... What kind of music will I write? Good Lord - let it be beautiful! Recently I tend to shake myself off all the excess. I am not sure, but perhaps my last composition would consist of one single note!
Let's hope it will be beautiful!

© Copyright 1994: Angel Angelov, Ivan Spassov
Editor: Bojidar Abrashev
© Cover reproduction: Georgi Bojilov, Methamorphosis 2, 1992
Publisher: Hermes

Ivan Spassov

The Symphonies of Konstantin Iliev

Prof. Ivan Spassov finished this study between his two autobiographical and in fact artistic opuses - the books "Blue morning, noon and afternood road" (1989) and "My life - an attempt to reconstruct a scattered mosaic (1993) where the name of Konstantin Iliev is mentioned many times. At the beginning of 1995 Spassov presents the manuscript to Valentina Ilieva - Konstantin Iliev's wife, to be added to the precious archive of the composer.

Kipriana Belivanova

© Author: Ivan Spassov, 1995
Editor: Kipriana Belivanova
Pre-print: ลา "Arania"
Advertising and publishing center "Kultura"
Publisher: Sofia Philharmony.
Chief artistic director - Emil Tabakov. Director - Bedros Papazyan.

Ivan Spassov

Confessions of a Composer

...Peace is the present and the future of mankind. Peace is the mankind itself. People with joined hands, lets keep its fragile innocence.



© Author: Ivan Spassov, 2004
Complier and editor: Prof. Vasilka Spassova
Design: Hristo Gochev
Print: Polygraphic complex "Janet-45", Plovdiv

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