winter music evenings "Prof. Ivan Spassov" festival


Yearly International Festival
(January - February)

"I never cared what they were going to say
in Sofia or Plovdiv about our festival,

as long as we - the organizers, the performers
and mainly - the audience,
felt satisfied, happy and inspired."
Ivan Spassov

the event

The festival has been organized for more than 25 years in Pazardjik. It is an exclusive cultural event for the admirers of music from all over the country. The festival has a rich and varied programme and it always surprises the audience with personalities and pieces of music that win further recognition of the bulgarian music. One of the undeniable merits of the festival is its connection to the name of one of the most prominent figures in Bulgarian musical culture - Prof. Ivan Spassov. For many years he was the inspirer of the Winter Music Evenings. He is constantly present in every issue of the festival throughout his works. The veriety in genre and the presence of popular names in the programme allow the festival to take its worthy position in bulgarian cultural calendar.

The festival marks the beginning of the festival traditions in Pazardjik, recognizing the best in bulgarian and world music culture.

festival contributor

Pazardjik Municipality

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